Benjamin Schubert

Benjamin Schubert

As an artist, Benjamin Schubert is bubbling over with ideas.

As a qualified mechanical engineer, he understands his craft and is able to implement his ideas appropriately. He applies himself to his works with reflective earnestness as well as with playful delight. At the turn of the century, Benjamin Schubert’s work also started in new form era: Since then he has been concentrating on cursive neon signs that are disappearing more and more as advertising form. He takes the letterings apart – dismantles them – and then reassembles the individual letters according to his artistic idea.

That’s how very particular luminous arrangements come about.

2001 Art prize Augsburg

2008 Dornbirn Art Fair with the Galerie Schmalfuß

2007 Exhibition in cooperation with the Kunsthalle Osnabrück

2006 Art fair participation with the Galerie Michael Schmalfuß

2004 ‘Corso der Lichtgestalten’ - Nationwide event in 36 cities

2002 Participation at the Art Fair Frankfurt

1990 Commissions and work as a sculptor Additional work as an engineer

1988 Workroom opening in Hamburg

1980 Mechanical engineering studies in Hannover; graduated with a diploma. Attended the art and craft college in Hannover under Professor Klakow Study stay in Paris, also in Jean Tinguely’s studio

1961 Born in Hamburg

Benjamin Schubert